energy recycling applications - train, crane and alternative energy



  • Improved Fuel Savings In Diesel RTG and RMG Cranes

  • Reduced NOx,THC and PM Emissions

  • Enhanced system response

  • Reduced Noise

  • Reduced Generator Set Wear And Tear

In shipyards and rail yards, a mobile crane can load or remove a container in about a minute. Up until now, that minute has been an expensive one in terms of fuel used—and a risky one in terms of emissions released. In both areas, VYCON offers a chance to achieve significant savings with flywheel technology.

Mobile cranes get their power from an on-board diesel generator set, which provides the required voltage and frequency to variable-speed AC motors by way of an inverter. During lift cycles, peak power is drawn from the generator. During lowering and braking, all regenerated power is sent to a resistor bank where it’s dissipated. Ideally, that energy should be recaptured, but there’s been no way to efficiently do so—until now.

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