• Lower fuel costs for RTG cranes
  • Significant reduction of diesel emissions
  • Improved system response
  • Lowers genset noise levels
  • Extended Diesel Generator Set Life
  • Low Maintenance
  • 20-Year Life
  • Plug And Play Installation

VYCON’s REGEN system, whose name is derived from an AC motors’ regenerative braking capabilities, quickly and efficiently supplies or absorbs power, back and forth. This results in the supply of power for AC motors during the up cycle, and power regeneration during the down cycle—conserving energy, lowering operating costs, and reducing diesel pollution. The concept has been around for some time, but making it work seemed out of reach, until the speed, durability and dependability of VYCON’s flywheel technology made REGEN practical.


For port operators, port authorities, and neighboring communities, this is a win-win-win—lower fuel costs, greater productivity, cleaner air. And retrofitting can be done in a day.

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