How It Works

The successful integration of patented high-speed motor, generator and magnetic bearing technologies gives VYCON a substantial edge in delivering the four components that combine for a highly efficient, extremely reliable flywheel system.

Four components—the high-strength steel hub, the dual mode motor/generator, the fully active magnetic bearings, and the sophisticated system controls—constitute a unique synthesis of proprietary technologies.


As a result, VYCON is able to produce robust, durable, high-speed flywheel systems that are available at costs which make flywheels a viable DC power alternative.


Each system makes optimum use of sophisticated components for increased efficiencies:

FLYWHEEL - The heart of the system providing a 20 year life with no maintenance.

GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - Provides system status, navigation paths, and system functionality options

MASTER CONTROLLER - Monitors the output demand and controls the various subsystems including charging (motoring) and discharging (generating) of the flywheel Magnetic Bearing

MAGNETIC BEARING CONTROLLER - Controls the position of the flywheel rotor via a 5-axis active magnetic bearing system and provides data on system performance

BI-DIRECTIONAL POWER CONVERTER - The interface between the DC bus and the variable frequency, variable voltage AC generated by the flywheel

VACUUM PUMP - Evacuates air within the flywheel to reduce windage losses resulting in increased electrical efficiency

GIMBLE MOUNTS - Keep the flywheels level at all times while allowing the support to incline freely in any direction (REGEN CRANE System)